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Auto Lockout - We Can Help!

Unlocking automobiles is a service we are happy to provide. This is not a service we take lightly, nor should you. When a person is locked out of their vehicle, there are multiple ways to open it up. Keep in mind that your vehicle was never intended to be broken into. In fact, the car manufactures try to make vehicles difficult to break into and steal. A lot of things can go wrong when trying to unlock a car or truck.

First, the technician must have the proper tools. This will prevent any scratching or chipping of the paint around the door jams. Any damage here could require the entire door to be painted. This can be extremely costly and time consuming. Tools like the Slim Jim and the Z tool are more common for unlocking older vehicles from inside the door. This is very effective but if not done by properly can be very damaging to the inner door components. We use a reach tool and an air bag system to slide in between the door and jam to pop the lock from the inside. The tool itself is covered with a non-scratch coating to prevent any damage to the paint on your vehicle and the air bag will gently spread the gap in the door wide enough to allow access for the tool.

Lastly, the technician performing the lockout service must be properly trained. Automotive lockouts are not just as simple as sticking a tool in the door and opening the lock. Our employees are trained and regularly updated with the latest techniques. AAA lockout manuals are our main source of reference, and each truck has one. When it comes to lockouts, you get what you pay for. A few bucks saved now may cost more later.