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Light Duty 4X4 Wreckers

We have 2 low profile 4x4 Dodge wreckers. The first one is unit# 10. It is a 3500 Dodge 4x4 wrecker a light and low profile tow bed. The second of our wreckers is unit# 16. It is a Dodge 5500 4x4 wrecker. It has two 12,000lb winches and a hydraulic extendable boom. These trucks specializes in the hard to get to places. With its four wheel drive and light duty chassis, it is able access the narrow driveways on Hoosier Pass or an off road trail up in the old mining town of Montezuma.

These trucks are usually running winch calls through out Breckenridge and Blue River. Blue River Colorado is an area that does not get a lot of sun so it tends to be a lot colder than Breckenridge. It is also higher in altitude than Frisco or Keystone so it tends to have slick roads and a lot of snow. By having smaller  wreckers with four wheel drive, we are able to help a vehicle with no traction up an icy road or to run simple service calls fast and efficiently. This truck is able to provide jump starts, lockouts and flat tire changes from Beaver Run in Breckenridge to River Run in Keystone all in record time and at an affordable rate. While going back and forth, these wreckers can help pullout a stuck car on Swan Mountain Road on the way to Summit Cove in Dillon.