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Accident Recovery

Unfortunately here in summit county, accidents are a fairly common occurrence. Due to the demographics of Colorado and the Rocky Mountains running through the state, the roads through out Summit county and Eagle county are not very forgiving, Many of the roads in this area are either on an incline or a decline. Some of these road like I70 up to the Eisenhower Tunnel or Vail Pass can have 7.5% to 8% grade. The grade in combination with the distance, some times up to 9 miles, can be the cause of many accidents. We do most of our accident towing during the winter months. The snow and icy road conditions can create black ice on the road, making them very slick. The wind and the blowing snow can also create a"white out". This is when there is so much blowing snow that everything looks white and it is impossible to see. This is very common in the stretch on I-70 from Copper mountain to Frisco called Officers Gulch. Having a wreck is no fun but always remember vehicles can be replaced, people can not. Keep in mind that friends and family are most important. Just worry about yourselves and let our Wreck Master certified drivers handle the crash scene. Ryan's Recovery works with all insurance companies, so we will work hand in hand with your insurance company to expedite the repair or replacement of you vehicle
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