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Parking Removal Wrecker

Specialized Wrecker for illegally parked vehicles

This is a 2007 Dodge 3500 4x4 wrecker. It was purchased from a repossession company that used it for daily repos. This means that it is loaded with every trick piece of equipment you can have for towing illegally parked vehicles. This wrecker is only a 1 ton regular cab truck, which in the towing world means small. Small is exactly what this truck does best. It is the shortest and lowest tow truck you can buy. At 6’7” it can fit in the smallest parking structures while being short enough to maneuver anywhere. It has a self loader Recovery Solutions bed which means we can load your illegally parked car and be gone in less than 30 seconds. For the SUV owners out there that think their vehicle can’t be towed, think again. This wrecker carries dollies and Go Jacks. This enables us to move a vehicle in any direction without ever turning a tire on your ride. Parking poachers beware; this means 100% damage free towing in every situation.

For all you property managers out there, we know that illegal parking and no parking zones are a necessity in Breckenridge, Keystone and Copper Mtn. These towns are much too small to handle the large amounts of skiers that come to play. We are contracting with anyone that needs help maintaining a parking lot or preserving assigned parking spots for there tenants. Underground parking garages are no problem for us. Why waste time installing a tire boot, this does not solve the parking issue because the vehicle is still there. One call will have it removed. For everyone out there reading this we are not trying to upset anyone. Parking regulations are set for a reason. We are in a high mountain environment and it needs to be maintained. Vehicles can not be left in a parking lot that needs to be plowed. They need to be moved so plowing can be done. Snow removal is a very important to maintaining usable space in Summit County Colorado. We are not here to ruin anyone’s time just enforce the parking laws already set up.