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US 6 Loveland Pass

Loveland Pass is the highest mountain pass in the world that regularly stays open during a snowy winter season. When the Eisenhower Tunnel opened in March 1973, it allowed motorists on Interstate 70 to avoid crossing the pass directly. Trucks that cannot pass through the tunnel (those carrying hazardous materials and those over 13'11" (4.2 m) in height) must still take US 6 across Loveland Pass, 800 vertical feet (244 m) above the tunnel.

Common Traffic problems on Loveland Pass:

  • Rockfall accidents
  • Overheated brake failure on the way down!
  • Low visibility from blowing snow near the top
  • Sliding off the road and into the ditch in the snow!

Our flatbed recovery vehicles are most often called to Loveland Pass to pull out cars stuck in the snow, or to tow cars illegally parked on the pass around Arapahoe Basin Ski Area and Loveland Vally and Basin Ski Areas.

We also bring our wreckers up to Loveland Pass for larger recoveries that we often respond when vehicles go off of the edge because of the hair pin turns and no guard rails. These vehicles can go down 300ft. and requiring our medium duty wrecker for the recovery. which have slid off of the road, had mechanical issues, or need to be removed from the runaway truck ramp.