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eStellar Dog

17 April 2024
Absolutely outstanding service. Nearly a hundred miles of tow over very snowy slick interstate and no problems at all. Connor was fantastic. Thank you so much!

Madeline Boatwright

13 April 2024
Last night, a TYLER my life! He works for Ryan’s Recovery. I called AAA 10pm on a Friday night when a rock decided to take a bite out of our car at the i70 Eisenhower Tunnel upon exit. Sweet efficient Tyler pick us two chicks up in under an hour and agreed to tow us 94 miles to Steamboat: Such an angel and an amazing driver. I trust this company with not only my car, but my life.


27 March 2024
Thank you for your help.

Molly Lawson

26 March 2024
While on a spring break road trip with my kids, my tire blew and I was stranded on I 70 east worried sick when all of a sudden, Shayne arrived to save the day. He went above and beyond to make sure this traveling mom & kids was safe and had a plan to get up and running again. I am beyond grateful for the care he took with not only my car but for my family as well. He & his company are the real deal!


18 March 2024
We drove from Texas to Colorado last week to enjoy spring break in beautiful snowy Colorado and while are car was 4WD our tires were not (we didn't know this). Due to the really bad snowstorm we got stuck going up the mountain from Breckenridge back to Fairplay. Thankfully Adam was passing by and was kind enough to stop to see if we needed help and towed us back to Breckenridge. Adam was extremely kind and knowledgeable and made us feel at easy, safe and very well taken care of. We love Adam and are eternally grateful for his help! The following day we needed to get towed from Breckenridge all the way to Fairplay due to the roads being terrible and our tires not well prepared. We called Ryan's Recovery and they came to our rescue once again. This time Ray took care of us, reassuring us of our safety. He was also very kind and knowledgeable and extremely patient. Due to the roads being so bad, what would normally take 30mins to get to fairplay took us almost 4 hours and Ray was extremely patient, kind and constantly checked on us to make sure we were okay. We love Ray too and are very grateful for his help. Side note: Ray funnily enough looks a lot like Chris Martin from the band Coldplay which is my favorite band haha! We would absolutely recommended Ryan's Recovery to anyone who might be in need of rescue. They made us feel safe, calm and we never once doubted we would be okay. Thank you Adam and Ray and much love from my family from Texas. We made it home safe but we won't forget how kind and helpful you guys were! Thanks again and be safe out there!

Joseph Quintana

17 March 2024
I have not encountered this level of service or attention to detail as I have here. High level service, didn't mess up my custom exhaust either, he used a wood block to expertly block any scraping. Pretty cool to watch an expert at work. Thanks!

Joe Lucero

09 March 2024

mike blazick

08 March 2024
My car broke down on I70. This obviously sucks, but throw in a storm and the resulting carnage and it was like Thunder dome out there. Crashes everywhere. I was waiting for Tina Turner to appear, but instead got Shayne. This dude is Batman. He literally plowed through the unplowed snow on the side of road to get to me. After my car was put on his truck and we proceeded up I70, a couple was stuck on the road. Shayne sprung into action and also towed them out. If this wasn’t enough, he also drove a dude to Denver whose car was totaled. I think Summit county needs a bat signal. Shayne will respond!! Shayne you need to really consider a Batman outfit out there. It will go viral.

Jak White

28 February 2024
I was referred to their service through my insurance, but they were able to help me over phone without involving my insurance. Excellent service, will pick them by name any time in the Summit area.

Ashley Caswell

27 February 2024
Ryan with Ryan’s recovery is a blessing. We got stuck on the side of the road in some deep snow. He just so happened to be driving by and gave us some great tips to get un-stuck. After many failed attempts he picked the car right up out of the snow and saved the day! He had a smile on his face the whole time and didn’t ask for a single penny! Thank you SO MUCH RYAN.

Kevin Abbey

22 February 2024
Got half way through Eisenhower tunnel when oil light started to flicker, pulled over just outside of tunnel to see oil pouring out bottom of engine. Within just a few minutes, Shayne (hope got it right) stopped to see if I needed assistance. I was still trying to find tow service to call. Have to say, that was the fastest I've ever got assistance roadside. Not only that, he put on his protective clothing, and crawled under car to verify what we thought problem was, and then had contact to a shop that was able to take the car and do the repairs. Have to say, best service have ever had, and went above and beyond. More than just a tow service, if your stuck in a bind, call these guys first if your in their area. Thanks again.

Jamie Orr

19 February 2024
Wonderfully caring and helpful towing company - very kind and considerate. 100% recommended. Being stuck on the side of an interstate isn't a great place to be, especially in freezing temperatures. The wonderful staff from Ryan's helped co-ordinate loading, with the state police behind the truck, and took me to a safe location. They then let me stay in the heat of the truck until I had a safe option for further transport. Huge thank you to the driver, and the the company.

Tiffany Dang

19 February 2024
Extremely helpful and came to unlock one car door and tow another car. Came in a timely manner, super friendly, and brought his dog.


15 February 2024
AWESOME SERVICE. I have used them more than once to extract my vehicle from being stuck. Highly recommend. Really nice and honest people.

Nathan Miller

09 February 2024
Shane was super helpful for us today. Great service and super friendly and professional. He approached a difficult situation very calmly and was able to get us taken care of quickly and efficiently. He also answered every question we had onsite and made the entire process smooth for us. So grateful for Ryan's Recovery and Shane for being available for us.

Andrew Raitz

05 February 2024
By far the most competent, professional and enjoyable towing experience I’ve ever had. I have a 4Runner on 37” tires and this team got me to the repair shop 80 miles away with ease. AJ was my operator and he was prompt, efficient and friendly. The dispatcher that day was by far the most personable and talented dispatcher with which I have ever spoke. I forgot her name. I would trust Ryan’s Recovery with any important recovery mission.

Wes Moffett

01 February 2024
Fantastic, fast, professional service! I didn't catch my drivers name. Sorry about that. He was AWESOME! I have already started recommending you guys to friends and will continue to do so. Thanks again for making a difficult situation so much easier!

T Perry

18 January 2024
Shane is a legend. One of the best guys I've met!


17 January 2024
Adam came and pulled my AT4x out of the snow. He was quick and extremely nice. He even taught me something. I would, absolutely, use them again!

Ange Pak

12 January 2024
Super fast, great communication, on time and very friendly. Thanks Ryan

Shelby Newley

11 January 2024
Shayne is the absolute best! Tough spot to find me and my truck with my keys locked in it. He would not give up on me in brutal snow and cold conditions. He is an absolute hero. Thank you so much for your professionalism, Shayne!!!!

Lindsey Swiderski

07 January 2024
super fast service, professional and brought a gang of dogs and myself and sister home to safety! Thank you tommy !

Frederick Soriano

04 January 2024
Shayne went so far above and beyond for me. Thank you again , get this man a raise asap!

Rebecca Baca

03 January 2024
Charlie was amazing and very helpful, we didn’t have to wait forever he showed up quick, and got us where we needed to go.. the service was very outstanding.. Thank you Charlie.. we appreciate you..

Teodora Frunza

01 January 2024

Aisia S.

28 December 2023
Shayne has been a life savor for me today! It all started when I had an hour estimated time and he got to me in 20 minutes. Helped calm my frantic self down to be able to get my car taken care of. I’m using Ryan’s recovery ANYTIME I have an issue here.

Nancy Shaffer

24 December 2023
Thank you RYAN for quickly picking up the phone, taking the time to have me text pics of our blowout, assess the damage, and give great advice. You guys are amazing! People have no idea how dangerous the job is and your team is kind, professional, and always go the extra mile. Thank you so much!!!

Martin Hill

22 December 2023
Shayne did a great job towing us to a safer location and connecting us with triple A to get us to our requested location. Fast service and less expensive than other options.

Cody Horton

22 December 2023
I was involved in a fender bender and Ryan's Recovery Tow Driver was at my location in just a few minutes. Shayne the Tow Driver was awesome and very thorough in working with the State Patrol and having my van towed. Ryan's Recovery is absolutely the best and their drivers are experts!

Mary Fisher

20 December 2023
Ryan’s towing was amazing. They were able to get my car out of an embankment that wasn’t easy. Amazing guys, fast an efficient. Highly recommend using them whenever you need towing, etc.

michael magerowski

13 December 2023
my truck broke down on I 70. Shayne stopped, called AAA for me and a mechanic as well to have it towed and repaired. It took less than an hour to have my truck towed back to my home by Conner from Ryan’s recovery.— amazing job guys

Stevie H

09 December 2023
Great towing company!!! I was stranded and they saved me !! Price was very reasonable, they were quick, and soo friendly. Used them a 2nd time next day cause I was to scared to drive over the ski mountains in the ice. Shayne was so friendly and got me to the other side safe and I was able to drive again without being terrified. 100% recommend them.

Jack Sosville

09 December 2023
Only tow company I’ve ever seen with a great rating. Driver showed up within 30 minutes, winched me out of the ditch in about 2 minutes, and then charged an extremely fair price considering it was 9:30pm. Couldn’t be happier with the service received. Thanks y’all!

Casey Jo Klein

07 December 2023
If you need help call & request Brandon!! He’s helpful, quick, & wonderful to deal with in most likely a stressful situation!

Ben Schweitzer

01 December 2023
Fantastic service! Very professional. They helped me out in a huge pinch, when my truck broke down pulling a camper over the Rockies. Highly recommend!!!

Joe Goldbloom

30 November 2023
These guys are hands down the best! I had a break down on my way home from skiing and they helped me save a ton of money and time! I wouldn’t recommend anyone else if you’re having car troubles in the mountains. Great people and great service. Thank you Shane and Quentin for all your help!

Jose Gramajo

27 November 2023


26 November 2023
Excellent Service

Whole Hand

24 November 2023
Incredible service, got everything taken care of in a matter of minutes. I would absolutely call these guys whenever I am in a PINCH! They even delivered my vehicle to the front of my home!

Lily Charlene

21 November 2023
I am so grateful to have been spotted by Shane when my car broke down on 1-70 near a dangerous shoulder! I was in a lot of distress and he treated me with so much kindness and took me and my car to a safe place so I was out of harms way. He even waited with me as my father came to pick me up. A very selfless human, i would absolutely recommend this company.


21 November 2023
All I can say is Wow. Shane came up to grab my truck that was on a 10 degree slope to bring to the mechanic, he was immediately thoughtful and knowledgeable. After helping me troubleshoot (he didn't have to at all) he knew that all I'd need was some gas and a jump. He towed me to the local gas station and had my truck that was sitting for a month running like it was nobodies business. Shane was a GOD-SEND!

Mitali Desai

16 November 2023
Ryan’s Recovery was incredible! Shayne helped tow us when we had a flat tire and the experience was nothing less than fantastic!!

Guitars 4 Life

13 November 2023
These guys were an absolute life savers for me the other day. With how they managed to get me off a trail that I got stuck into

j.b. haab

09 November 2023
Shane and Quinton both helped us when we got a bad flat on I70 at the tunnel. Good guys working for a good company. Ryan's recovery is a great Summit County business. We're happy you're always there for us.

Brett Cohen

09 November 2023
Ryan’s is the best! Helped out a stack of 7 or so cars up on Moonstone last night. Ryan himself was there and not only did he/they help tow folks out, they also fully instructed everyone on the best ways to avoid these situations and good tips to get out of them. Some of the friendliest guys out there!!

Lauren Ruehring

06 November 2023
Conor Matthews from Ryan's Recovery saved the day when my keys, phone and purse were locked in my car. I was late for a meeting and then needed to get down to DIA for a flight out, and I had no hope of getting a service call at such an early hour. Conor to the rescue! He was on site in no time, got the doors opened, waited to see if the car would start for me, was polite and got me on my way. I was very grateful and would absolutely call this business again.

Dorothy Smith

03 November 2023
Omg the best tow Drivers ever!!!! Absolutely amazing guys we over heated on the rocky mountains and they towed us and even educated us on how to drive on the mountains!! We made it safe and sound thanks to Shayne, Doug and kyle!! You guys are awesome I can not thank you enough!!

christine yannone

03 November 2023
Best tow service ever! Not only did they tow the car that was overheating while driving over the mountains, they also educated us on the best way to drive up and down these hills (using lower gears). We were able to continue on our trip with no issues by following their advice! A huge thank you to Kyle, shayne and Doug!


03 November 2023
Wow Ryan's Recovery helped me quickly, safely and made sure me and my car were good to go. Definitely recommend and this should be the company and the team you call and rely on.

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