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Cat McDonald

20 July 2024
UPDATE Once again Ryans Recovery has saved my bacon. Going above and beyond all expections were Dennis for ensuring our immediate safety, Mike for keeping us safe, helping us find options and generally keeping us sane, and Brandon for a zillion mile drive, being willing to go so far above expectations i can't even quantify it and getting the whole mess as well as myself home safe! Original post These guys went above and beyond in making sure my whole mess got where it needed to go! Truck to the service center, LQ horse trailer and its occupants to a safe camp as well as myself and my dog. Thank you Shane for seeing I was in trouble and stopping, thank you second guy (whose name escapes me now) for helping with the set up, thank you Holly the sweet dispatch lady for all that you do and special shout out to Charlie for his patience, kindness and willingness to go the extra mile to make sure I am safe. If I could give 10 stars I would do it!

Tina Reil

19 July 2024
We broke down on the way out of town for the 4th of July and Shane with Ryan's Recovery showed up at just the right time and handled everything so that we could salvage a nice long weekend of camping. He and Connor provided outstanding service and I highly recommend them!

beth coats

18 July 2024
Ryan's towing, always comes through, unfortunately I have an older vechile, which needs jumps, spare put on, or a tow. As a paraplegic woman, can't do most of this on my own. I have never had a bad experience with them. Very kind and helpful . Due to bad mechanics. I think k my van has been on a Ryan's truck more than me driving it.. thank you Ryan's, and if anyone out there needing a tow, jump, or tire change, call Ryans

Amy Barnett

13 July 2024
Mike is the best tow driver I’ve ever encountered!!! He literally saved me and my 2 large dogs when my car broke down and the roadside/dealership service center gave me bad info that would have left me completely stranded…he stayed with me for over two hours after his shift ended just to make sure I wasn’t stranded in Gypsum, and he was incredibly kind and professional throughout the otherwise unfortunate situation. Ryan’s Recovery is lucky to have Mike on their team; and I will absolutely use and recommend their services in the future. Mike, thank you so much for going above and beyond and making sure that me and my dogs were safe! :)

Leann Puffinberger

05 July 2024
My family is moving cross country from Washington to Louisiana and my dang car decided to over heat and stop working on I-70 where there was absolutely no cell service. Shane stopped and loaded our car up and took us to an area with service and helped arrange for us to get our car towed and looked at further down the road. Thank god for good people like him for honestly saving our day!!!


04 July 2024
Mike at Ryan's recovery got us back down the hill in an hour and a half. Truck and camper both!!!! Best prices for a long distance tow no doubt. Best service too. Thanks boys for getting the wife, dog, me, and the truck and camper home safely for the 4th of July.

Aimee Saint Andre

23 June 2024
Wow 🤩 Mike at Ryan’s Recovery provided so much information and help during my van break down in Frisco this weekend!! 🙏🏾 Amazing guy whom truly loves what he does as a tow truck guy helping us people out there with broken down vehicles to feel At ease and connect with a real person to help you get back on your merry way !

Kevin Conn

22 June 2024
Shane and Ray are absolute ballers. I got stranded on I-70 WB just before the silverthorne exit in my old E-350 econoline, and despite Mountain Recovery’s best efforts to get an absurd amount of money from me, Shane rolled up, said “let’s get you a deal and get you home” which was all the way to Oak Creek (100ish miles). I was genuinely worried I was going to have to pay $600+ to get my van home or leave it in silverthorne at a shop, but Shane suggested getting me signed up for AAA Plus and got me hooked, towed and home safe for $150 (the have a summer deal going on right now where a membership is $90 and immediate service fee of $60). Dealing with AAA was a battle all by itself, but Shane was willing to go to war on the side of the highway, and after getting hung up on or transferred at least 6 times, dealing with the incompetence of out of state AAA employees who didn’t have a clue about how Colorado AAA Policy works, we got me all signed up. Shane wasn’t taking no for an answer, all while Ray got my van safely secured. After thanking Shane and hopping in the truck with Ray I had a safe and incredibly pleasant 2ish hour drive home with him where he dropped my van off perfectly in front of my house and left to go save the day for other stranded highway-goers before Mountain Recovery could shake down anyone else! Highly HIGHLY recommend these guys for any towing needs in the Colorado mountains and beyond, and I’m keeping both of their cards in my wallet should anything else come up. As a business owner in the Colorado mountains with offices from Aspen to Steamboat to Idaho Springs, I would be honored to have guys like that on my team who are willing to battle to get the customer the best, quickest deal possible while be extremely professional, efficient, and concise, and I sincerely hope Ryan’s Recovery sees that in these two men. Thanks again y’all, couldn’t have done it without you!

Derek Nalley

21 June 2024
A little background, a small business owner in Summit for over a decade. Covid hit and changes were made. We go from living the dream (Frisco,Co.) to helping my fam. in Aurora. Our '04 F-150 did the job in Summit, where all our business is, but struggled going from Aurora to the summit everyday. Got a newer truck and got the engine rebuilt for the F-150. You see where this is going? Today was the 3rd trip for the F-150 up and back to up but couldn't make it back . Got me through the tunnel east bound and gave it up. So there I am , sitting , notifying family and of course talking to my insurance. Next thing I know there a tow truck coming my way and stops right beside me. Shane is his name and Ryans Recovery is his thing. So, without being too specific, Shane got me from mile marker 216 E I-70 to Aurora for an unbelievable price that is both available to to everyone (not many know how or where to look for it). Shane represents a company of integrity and service. I would recommend Ryans to whoever has experienced vehicle failure in Summit County.

Caroline Briggs

16 June 2024
Thomas was so kind to me. He was there when I needed him the most. You don't think you are going to be in a situation with your car until you are there and your suspension plastic (plastic!) part breaks and your whole wheel falls off. Thomas was excellent at his job here in the high Rockies, I'm sure he deals with intense situations and he was so graceful. Thank you ❤️

Whitney Carter

15 June 2024
A great experience with Ryan’s Recovery. I thought my flat tire was going to be an easy fix, however it was not and came with lots of obstacles including a tow down to the Denver area I was not expecting or planning for. Mike was calm, reassuring, and positive throughout the entire experience. Thanks Mike for being kind and professional during an unexpected turn of day.

David Weishaar

12 June 2024
Mike C. Was awesome! Super professional, timely, and great conversation. After being g stuck for 4 hours his was the best face I saw all day! Highly recommend for your towing needs! Thanks guys!

Alaina Johnson

12 June 2024
Very helpful and was there exactly when we needed them. Mike and Shayne were the best. Bonus points to Shayne for all the help with AAA and for the Christian tunes on the radio.

Rebecca Beck

12 June 2024
Mike was great! 100% happy with his service.

jared beck

12 June 2024
Mike was AWESOME, ended up giving us a long tow and was great!

Woody Ramos

09 June 2024
Was driving home frpm Denver to Vegas and my call overheated. Dennis with this compamy saw us and pulled over. We were have trouble woth AAA renewing our service they kept haning up and they were horrible. Anyway. Dennis made me and my family feel safe first of all, he stayed with us over an hr and a half waiting for triple A to get their act together.he was the absoluye nicest tow guy we have ever encountered. After getting the approval, he hooked our car up, told us to meet him at Silverthorn, went to the specificed spot and released oir car. Told us where to stsy if needed and recommended garages. I was so impressed if he needed a job in Vegas I take him in a second. First class customer service something many people dont have anymore. Thank you Dennis Woody

Rick Corsepius

05 June 2024
Mike did a great job and really helped us out Thx Mike

Nicholas Corsepius

05 June 2024
Mike from Ryans Recovery really helped us out. Great guy and really appreciated the help.

Luis Garcia

02 June 2024
Honestly best service in general not just towing this tow truck driver (Mike) pulled over and helped me extensively to reduce my towing price then was kind enough to let my pet ride in his vehicle. If anything happens on i70 call Ryan’s recovery. For sure

Kimberlina Seim

01 June 2024
I locked my keys in my car at Abasin. AJ was able to come and rescue me within an hour of calling... and was able to get in my car in under 5 minutes. Thank you so much AJ and Ryan's recovery!

Matt Snyder

28 May 2024
Great experience here with Ryan’s Recovery. Very professional, great communication and timely to conquer our task. Thanks again! Hopefully I won’t be needing your services anytime soon, but if/when I do, will look forward to working with you again.

Christine Murray

16 May 2024
Shane with Ryans Recovery is my night in shining tow truck armor. I was driving over the pass when my car informed me that it was overheating and of course it was in a spotty cell service area. He saw that I was a little distressed, saved me, and my car got me to work, and got my car to the dealership I am so grateful for him just driving by stopped and picked me up Unexpected amazing service.!!!!!

Whitney Whiteside

10 May 2024
Had a little bit of truck trouble right before Johnson tunnel when we pulled over and Kyle saw us. He pulled up behind us looked at our truck and then followed us a little ways once we got back on the road to make sure we were alright! Extremely grateful for his vigilance and kindness!

Doug Cumings

29 April 2024
Huge shoutout to Holly and Charlie for the fastest most reliable and efficient tow we’ve ever had. This was our second time working with Ryan’s Recovery and could not recommend them more!

Jake Niederhauser

26 April 2024
Got rear ended on I70 right before the tunnel. Shayne arrived super quick and helped get both cars off the road (airbags deployed and they weren’t drivable). Super friendly and went above and beyond to help us get everything taken care of.

Sam Cicirelli

26 April 2024
Hit a deer on 1-70 and called AAA for a tow. Waited a couple hours until Shane luckily saw us and pulled over and took over the claim. Helped us out big time in a pinch.


26 April 2024
We had a deer bolt in front of us on i70 and we were waiting for a tow for almost two hours before Shane from Ryan's Recovery came and took over the AAA ticket and towed us so quickly and easily. He was kind and patient and very reassuring. Shane had "cool dad" energy the entire transaction which helped calm us down after the incident and help us feel good about the whole thing. Shane was a godsend and Ryan's Recovery is a great place to get a tow given all of this. I highly recommend them as a company, and even more highly recommended Shane if he's available.

eStellar Dog

17 April 2024
Absolutely outstanding service. Nearly a hundred miles of tow over very snowy slick interstate and no problems at all. Connor was fantastic. Thank you so much!

Madeline Boatwright

13 April 2024
Last night, a TYLER my life! He works for Ryan’s Recovery. I called AAA 10pm on a Friday night when a rock decided to take a bite out of our car at the i70 Eisenhower Tunnel upon exit. Sweet efficient Tyler pick us two chicks up in under an hour and agreed to tow us 94 miles to Steamboat: Such an angel and an amazing driver. I trust this company with not only my car, but my life.


27 March 2024
Thank you for your help.

Molly Lawson

26 March 2024
While on a spring break road trip with my kids, my tire blew and I was stranded on I 70 east worried sick when all of a sudden, Shayne arrived to save the day. He went above and beyond to make sure this traveling mom & kids was safe and had a plan to get up and running again. I am beyond grateful for the care he took with not only my car but for my family as well. He & his company are the real deal!


18 March 2024
We drove from Texas to Colorado last week to enjoy spring break in beautiful snowy Colorado and while are car was 4WD our tires were not (we didn't know this). Due to the really bad snowstorm we got stuck going up the mountain from Breckenridge back to Fairplay. Thankfully Adam was passing by and was kind enough to stop to see if we needed help and towed us back to Breckenridge. Adam was extremely kind and knowledgeable and made us feel at easy, safe and very well taken care of. We love Adam and are eternally grateful for his help! The following day we needed to get towed from Breckenridge all the way to Fairplay due to the roads being terrible and our tires not well prepared. We called Ryan's Recovery and they came to our rescue once again. This time Ray took care of us, reassuring us of our safety. He was also very kind and knowledgeable and extremely patient. Due to the roads being so bad, what would normally take 30mins to get to fairplay took us almost 4 hours and Ray was extremely patient, kind and constantly checked on us to make sure we were okay. We love Ray too and are very grateful for his help. Side note: Ray funnily enough looks a lot like Chris Martin from the band Coldplay which is my favorite band haha! We would absolutely recommended Ryan's Recovery to anyone who might be in need of rescue. They made us feel safe, calm and we never once doubted we would be okay. Thank you Adam and Ray and much love from my family from Texas. We made it home safe but we won't forget how kind and helpful you guys were! Thanks again and be safe out there!

Joseph Quintana

17 March 2024
I have not encountered this level of service or attention to detail as I have here. High level service, didn't mess up my custom exhaust either, he used a wood block to expertly block any scraping. Pretty cool to watch an expert at work. Thanks!

Joe Lucero

09 March 2024

mike blazick

08 March 2024
My car broke down on I70. This obviously sucks, but throw in a storm and the resulting carnage and it was like Thunder dome out there. Crashes everywhere. I was waiting for Tina Turner to appear, but instead got Shayne. This dude is Batman. He literally plowed through the unplowed snow on the side of road to get to me. After my car was put on his truck and we proceeded up I70, a couple was stuck on the road. Shayne sprung into action and also towed them out. If this wasn’t enough, he also drove a dude to Denver whose car was totaled. I think Summit county needs a bat signal. Shayne will respond!! Shayne you need to really consider a Batman outfit out there. It will go viral.

Jak White

28 February 2024
I was referred to their service through my insurance, but they were able to help me over phone without involving my insurance. Excellent service, will pick them by name any time in the Summit area.

Ashley Caswell

27 February 2024
Ryan with Ryan’s recovery is a blessing. We got stuck on the side of the road in some deep snow. He just so happened to be driving by and gave us some great tips to get un-stuck. After many failed attempts he picked the car right up out of the snow and saved the day! He had a smile on his face the whole time and didn’t ask for a single penny! Thank you SO MUCH RYAN.

Kevin Abbey

22 February 2024
Got half way through Eisenhower tunnel when oil light started to flicker, pulled over just outside of tunnel to see oil pouring out bottom of engine. Within just a few minutes, Shayne (hope got it right) stopped to see if I needed assistance. I was still trying to find tow service to call. Have to say, that was the fastest I've ever got assistance roadside. Not only that, he put on his protective clothing, and crawled under car to verify what we thought problem was, and then had contact to a shop that was able to take the car and do the repairs. Have to say, best service have ever had, and went above and beyond. More than just a tow service, if your stuck in a bind, call these guys first if your in their area. Thanks again.

Jamie Orr

19 February 2024
Wonderfully caring and helpful towing company - very kind and considerate. 100% recommended. Being stuck on the side of an interstate isn't a great place to be, especially in freezing temperatures. The wonderful staff from Ryan's helped co-ordinate loading, with the state police behind the truck, and took me to a safe location. They then let me stay in the heat of the truck until I had a safe option for further transport. Huge thank you to the driver, and the the company.

Tiffany Dang

19 February 2024
Extremely helpful and came to unlock one car door and tow another car. Came in a timely manner, super friendly, and brought his dog.


15 February 2024
AWESOME SERVICE. I have used them more than once to extract my vehicle from being stuck. Highly recommend. Really nice and honest people.

Nathan Miller

09 February 2024
Shane was super helpful for us today. Great service and super friendly and professional. He approached a difficult situation very calmly and was able to get us taken care of quickly and efficiently. He also answered every question we had onsite and made the entire process smooth for us. So grateful for Ryan's Recovery and Shane for being available for us.

Andrew Raitz

05 February 2024
By far the most competent, professional and enjoyable towing experience I’ve ever had. I have a 4Runner on 37” tires and this team got me to the repair shop 80 miles away with ease. AJ was my operator and he was prompt, efficient and friendly. The dispatcher that day was by far the most personable and talented dispatcher with which I have ever spoke. I forgot her name. I would trust Ryan’s Recovery with any important recovery mission.

Wes Moffett

01 February 2024
Fantastic, fast, professional service! I didn't catch my drivers name. Sorry about that. He was AWESOME! I have already started recommending you guys to friends and will continue to do so. Thanks again for making a difficult situation so much easier!

T Perry

18 January 2024
Shane is a legend. One of the best guys I've met!


17 January 2024
Adam came and pulled my AT4x out of the snow. He was quick and extremely nice. He even taught me something. I would, absolutely, use them again!

Ange Pak

12 January 2024
Super fast, great communication, on time and very friendly. Thanks Ryan

Shelby Newley

11 January 2024
Shayne is the absolute best! Tough spot to find me and my truck with my keys locked in it. He would not give up on me in brutal snow and cold conditions. He is an absolute hero. Thank you so much for your professionalism, Shayne!!!!

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