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Flatbed Towing &
Rollback Towing

Servicing the I-70 Highway Through Colorado

Ryan’s Recovery has a large fleet of flatbeds capable of handling a wide variety of towing situations. With our innovative 21ft rollbacks, we have the capability of carrying the largest passenger vehicles in production today. For any load wider than 8 ft, all of our trucks are equipped with removable rails. All of our flatbed trucks are extended cabs. These trucks have an entire second row of seating to accommodate more passengers, pets or child seats. Ryan’s Recovery flatbeds are equipped with air ride suspension for the smoothest ride possible. The air suspension also has the ability to be released when loading. This provides a decreased load angle for low profile sports cars. Also, all of our trucks have been equipped with the most up to date towing equipment, including wheel straps for proper tie downs on every type of vehicle.

Every tow is done under strict guidelines with a multi-point hook up. Flatbed towing is the most commonly used to tow truck here in the High Rockies. The reason for this seems to be the large amount of all wheel drive vehicles. These vehicles need to have all four wheels off the ground while in tow. This can be achieved with the wrecker but it is faster and easier to load on to a rollback.

If you have a special need for a special vehicle, just call us and we'll discuss the best way to transport your vehicle. Ryan’s Recovery is in the business of towing cars and we know how important that car is to you. So if there is ever any kind of special assistance you need, just ask. We will do everything possible to accommodate you.