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Johnette - Excellent Service!

My son is visiting CO from Texas and slid on ice and took out a stop sign. My advice not to drive in this weather went unheeded by the invincible 21year old.

Ryan’s Recovery came out quickly. My son asked the driver to speak to me. It was Ryan, not sure if is was the owner but he was so calm and professional and I really needed to hear that. He had Excellent advice on how to handle the rental and knew way more about rental situation then the guy did at the rental company.

In the end he thought the car was fine to drive and spent time with my son going over the car and driving techniques. He was patient and thorough and took extra time to make sure my son was comfortable.

This type of caring professional service is hard to find and I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated you today!

Thank you,
Worried Mom in Texas

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