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Douglas H - Great Service

On March 22nd 2022 I was driving west on I-70. Just west from the Eisenhower tunnel I hit slick roads and ended up in the ditch with my Ford Expedition and my utility trailer. Right after your driver AJ Borel showed up with his tow truck. He had me call the Highway Patrol, Scott, (the officer), said they were on accident alert and to go ahead with the tow.  AJ was in the middle of the tow when the other tow company (Mountain Recovery) showed up and caused another accident by parking in the middle of the lane.

His (he told me he was the owner of Mountain Recovery) truck was hit by a small sedan. He then proceeded to blame AJ and I for him getting hit. AJ was very professional with me and the "owner" of Mountain Recovery, I wish I could say the same of him. However AJ is a good tow truck operator and I thank him for his service very much. he should be a very valuable employee. I have a background in the trucking industry. As a heavy equipment mechanic for many years, I have delt with a few different tow companies in my life and highly recommend Ryan's Recovery, and especially operator AJ Borel. However stay far away from Mountain Recovery.