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Auto Lockout - Locked out of vehicle

Unlocking automobiles is a service Ryan's Recovery provides. This is not a service we take lightly, nor should you. When a person becomes locked out of their vehicle there are ways to open it up. But keep in mind that your vehicle was never intended to be broken into. In fact, the car manufactures try to make vehicles so they can not be broken into or stolen. A lot of things can go wrong when trying to unlock a car or truck.

First of all, you must make sure the technician has the proper tools. This will prevent any scratching or chipping of the paint around the door jams. Any damage here can lead to the entire door and pillar needing to be sanded and repainted. This can be extremely costly and time consuming. Tools like the Slim Jim and the Z tool are more common for unlocking older vehicles from inside the door. This is very effective but if not done by properly can be very damaging to the inner door components. We use a reach tool and an air bag system to slide in between the door and jam to pop the lock from the inside. The tool itself is covered with a non-scratch coating to prevent any damage to the paint on your vehicle and the air bag will gently spread the gap in the door wide enough to allow access for the tool.

Lastly, the technician performing the lockout service must be properly trained. Automotive lockouts are not just as simple as sticking a tool in the door and opening the lock. Our employees are trained and regularly updated with the latest techniques. AAA lockout manuals are our main source of reference and each truck has one. When it comes to lockouts, you get what you pay for. A few bucks saved now may cost more later.

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Aaron R.


This email is way overdue, but I wanted you to know that Andy did a fantastic job towing me back to Denver almost two weekends ago. Andy is a super professional guy and we talked about his kids and compared our interests the whole way back. He calmed me down regarding our near-death experience too.

Just to give you the background, I had some work done on my 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee by a certain Transmission Shop in Denver in the middle of the week prior to my "I-70 incident." They had to replace some bearings and seals and rebuild the front differential and replace the upper driveshaft because it was becoming clear that my 4-wheel drive was starting to fail (very uncomfortable noises once it's engaged). They also replaced my CV boots on the front axle since they were already up in there and my wallet was wide open.


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