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I-70 Towing and Recovery

Due to the extreme nature of the roads in Summit County, overheating and transmission problems are very common occurrences, which leads to frequent vehicle recoveries on I-70 between Vail Pass and Georgetown. The trip on I-70 from Silverthorne to the Eisenhower Tunnel is a 9 mile climb where overheating related break downs are common, coming down from the tunnel to Silverthorne the more common problem is sliding off of the highway in the snow and ice. It is also a challenge coming from the other direction from Georgeton up over Loveland Pass. These are windy roads with steep inclines and become treacherous in incliment weather.

Most vehicle recoveries that take place on I-70 are just stuck in the snow. However, there are a few places on Vail Pass, near Copper Mountain, where a vehicle can go down 200ft. The really big recoveries usually take place on I-70 just before the Eisenhower Tunnel. We have had crashes that slid of the road and gone over the edge and down more than 350ft. For highway recovery operations this large, we get out our largest wrecker.

Trouble Spots:


Georgetown “Hill”

As you climb out of Georgetown to Silverplume, despite only being 2.5 miles long, this piece of road is where the mountains really start! 

    • Rock Fall
    • Trucker chain-up delays in the winter.

      Eisenhower Tunnel Approach

      At over 11,000ft above sea level, this is the highest vehicle tunnel in the world! The approach is hard on cars and their transmissions 

        • Overheating
        • Transmission Failure

          Eisenhower Tunnel to Silverthorne

          This steep 10 mile descent into Silverthorne, CO is famous for being slippery in the mornings before the sun defrosts it during the winter.

            • Frequent winter accidents due to snow and ice
            • Brakes overheating on the long descent


              Frisco to Copper Mountain Officers Gulch

              This 10-mile bit of road is the culprit of numerous vehicle accidents. In the winter this gulch prohibits long exposures of sun. The lack of sun and high gusting wind causes icy road conditions with poor visibility.

                • Low Visibility
                • We pull lots of cars out of snow after they slide off of I-70 here!

                  Copper Mountain to the Vail Pass Summit

                  This section of road is a little more docile, and the climb isn’t too steep, we respond to less accidents and road side assistance here then on the other side of Vail Pass…




                  Vail Pass to Vail

                  This section of Vail pass is notorious for frequent accidents, with grades around 6%, it is easy to lose control of your car in the snow and not be able to get it back!

                    • The “Narrows” is the most popular place to crash your car in the winter!
                    • Truckers, watch your brakes!


                      Vail to the Summit of Vail Pass

                      This section of Vail pass is notorious for frequent accidents, with grades around 6%, it is tough on cars and trucks. Being the first major pass from the West, the truck chain-up area is a common delay during snow storms in the winter.

                        • Overheating and transmission problems
                        • Chain-up area when leaving Vail

                          Vail Pass Summit to Copper Mountain

                          Be careful about going to fast in the winter on this stretch of road, it is deceivingly open and that makes it easy to gain more speed then you can handle in the snow!

                          Copper Mountain to Frisco Officers Gulch

                          This 10-mile bit of road is responsible for numerous vehicle accidents of both cars and trucks. In the winter the stretch of road through Officers Gulch doesn’t get long exposures of sun. The lack of sun and high gusting wind causes prolonged icy road conditions with poor visibility.

                            • Low Visibility
                            • We pull lots of cars out of snow after they slide off of I-70 here!


                              Frisco to Silverthorne (The Silverthorne Hill)

                              Once out of the gulch visitors get a breath taking view of Lake Dillon Reservoir then they begin the short but extremely slick decent down Silverthorne hill into Silverthorne Colorado. This is a short one-mile north-facing hill that does not get much sun and therefore tends to ice up and cause a lot of winch outs and accidents.


                              Silverthorne to the Eisenhower Tunnel

                              The steep 10-mile climb to the Eisenhower Tunnel is a test of your car’s performance at high altitude on a sustained climb. We pick up lots of people here who have broken down and need to be towed to a mechanic!

                                • Overheating radiators and transmissions

                                  Eisenhower Tunnel to Georgetown

                                  The descent back to Georgetown is a good place to keep your eyes open! Frequent stops of traffic are common, and the final stretch down Georgetown Hill is treacherously steep and slippery during snow storms!

                                  Common Issues:

                                    • Stopped traffic
                                    • Accidents on Georgetown Hill

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