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Bruce S. - A higher Power

Six days after the fact, I cannot recall the name of the guy who helped me. I was stranded on the WB side of I-70 just past exit 247 in my diesel pickup towing my 5th wheel camper. After a few hours of trying to arrange a tow, your driver stopped and asked what the problem was. He already had a white sedan on the flatbed he was driving. After describing what happened, I popped the hood and within 1 minute he discovered that the C-clamp on my turbocharger hose had broken off a ways back and the hose had become disconnected.

Some friends from our church brought a replacement up and I was on my way. Your driver saved me several hundred dollars in tow fees. He didn't have to stop but he did, and I'm very grateful he did. There were several people from our church that were praying for me, and we all believe he was dispatched by God to help me. Thanks for being available!!