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Evan H.

To all who read this memo! Last night, my wife and I were in peril on the road with a breakdown of our Sienna van halfway up the long hill going to the E-tunnel on the Frisco side. Things seemed pretty bleak until Shane of the Ryan's towing service showed up unexpectantly, like an answer to prayer, and really helped us.

Not only did we get hooked up wisely with AAA for the future, but he was incredibly gracious, clear and direct in how to solve our dilemma, not to mention get our car to Lakewood and bring us home, and all with his jovial, practical conversational style. That is integrity and uncommon service where it matters - even for this "mean" guy! He does your towing service great credit. If there are any more who might be like him, encourage them to look-n-learn. Every business knows that "Good work means more work," as the saying goes. This is especially true where serving people in plight goes the extra mile. Most people remember that! That's good for all of you whatever the economy.